Tuesday, September 23, 2003

British long distance running phenomena Paula Radcliffe broke the record for the fastest woman's half-marathon by completing the Bupa Great North Run in 1:05:40. (That's essentially running 13 consecutive 5-minute miles. Sheesh.)

Here's the Guardian article documenting the race.

Unfortunately the record isn't official since the course violates some peculiar IAAF regulation about the layout of a point-to-point course. It's an impressive effort nevertheless.
Welcome to the New Left Sports Review. The purpose of this blog is to provide an alternative in the world of sports media, which is so often created by and targeted towards reactionary morons. Whether it be sports talk radio, sharing the disturbingly right-wing AM airwaves with the likes of Sean Hannity, or television, where one is confronted by wingnuts such as Rush Limbaugh and Don Cherry, too much of the sports media seems to assume that its audience are a bunch of cheap-beer-swilling neanderthals.
Just because someone appreciates the work of Noam Chomsky, it doesn't mean that they don't like to watch college hoops on TV. Just because they were against the Iraq war, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy a good hockey fight. Just because they think protecting the environment is important, it doesn't mean they are against letting loose every other weekend with the ridiculously wasteful excess that is a Formula One race. Just because they think Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is evil, it doesn't mean they don't think his soccer team kicks ass.
So here is a blog for the leftist geek who just happens to be a sports fanatic. Enjoy.

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